Formstack Forms Projects

Building online forms doesn't have to be difficult. Formstack makes this possible with an easy-to-use form builder with advanced features. Collect payments, gather customer data, and automate your day-to-day tasks in just a few clicks. Data collection and management have never been this painless. That being said, not everyone has the time to learn or play with a new cloud-based app, so that’s where we come in -- let us get you started by having Full-Nelson completely automate one or more forms-based projects. We’ll then work with you to get you up to speed on how to create and maintain other forms and will transition your projects so that you can independently move forward without ongoing outside consulting support.

Additional benefits to deploying a cloud-based forms app include:

  • LAUNCH FORMS IN MINUTES - Eliminate coding headaches with an intuitive online form builder
  • DESIGN BEAUTIFUL THEMES - Build professional, branded online forms for your business
  • STREAMLINE DATA MANAGEMENT - Manage submission data in an all-in-one, intuitive system
  • INCREASE FORM CONVERSIONS - Has tools you need to optimize your submission rates
  • MOBILE DEVICE DEPLOYMENT - responsive forms automatically adjust for any mobile device. Connect with your audience directly and make it easy for them to complete your forms on their own mobile device

Some examples of Formstack projects we have completed:

  • IdentifyUS Specimen Evaluation Form
    Specimen information and images are submitted to IdentifyUS via this form. Customer receives back nicely formated PDF doc with images and evaluation results added to it via WebMerge integration.
  • IdentifyUS Tick Pathogen Testing
    Customers can elect and pay for various tick pathogen tests via this form. Conditional logic displays color coded test results via WebMerge integration. Includes an embedded payment gateway interface.
  • Tuckerman Inferno Race Registration
    Uses conditional logic to register multiple racers for a Pentathlon athletic event for the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine. Includes payment processing gateway via Stripe integration.
  • Gift In Kind Donation form
    Provides a mechanism for vendors to record their donation and submit company logo and gift documenation at the same time. Generates a receipt for tax purposes via WebMerge integration.
  • Nonprofit Conflict of Interest report
    Board members can automatically submit annual conflict of interest reports that need to be filed with each annual report. Generates a PDF report for filing purposes via WebMerge integration.
  • Class Registration for Dog Obedience Training
    An online class registration form for The Right Paw - a dog obedience training school. Automated customer receipt of class registration confirmation in Acrobat PDF format emailed to them via WebMerge integration.

Other prototypes & examples

Be sure to also check out the Formstack Doc module (formerly WebMerge). It’s a perfect complement to Formstack Forms when you want to process and route complex documents to multiple locations and people! Send your Formstack Forms data directly to custom PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, image files and more!