Nationbuilder is a database-centric, content management system used to build interactive, action-focused websites suitable for fund-raising and processing donations against a membership database. Nationbuilder works to put people a the center of the website experience using:

Dynamic profiles — Effortlessly capture contact info, actions taken on your site, and interactions with your team. See a complete history for every person, bringing your database to life.

Social matching — Link public social media profiles to email addresses in your database to identify and mobilize influential supporters.

Targeting — User tags, lists and filters help you track information about your supporters and send personalized communications crafted just for them.

Built-in action pages — Create events, fundraising, recruitment, and signup pages in minutes, automatically syncing all entered information to your database with no coding required.

Customizable themes — Build your website on a custom domain with modern, responsive website themes and hundreds of styles you can customize with HTML, Javascript, Liquid, CSS, and Dropbox integration. 

Secure payments — Customize donation pages with built-in payment processing.

Full integration — Sync your website, people database, and communications tools to track all donation and engagement activity.

Easy recruiting Optimize pages for peer-to-peer outreach with social prompts, and recruiter links.