Full-Nelson, LLC offers consulting and systems integration services to a broad range of customers who are interested in improving their bottom line by adopting innovative custom and off-the-shelf IT solutions.  Our job is to continually scan the technology horizon for best-of-breed products and technologies that can implemented quickly and easily in order to 1) save time  2) save money and/or 3) generate revenue. 

Full-Nelson has experience with many leading edge products and can help your organization select and implement appropriate solutions for your business needs. Our strategic planning advice and implementation services are based on years of experience working with the latest hardware, software and network communication products. We know what works, what doesn’t and we'll save you time and money by cutting to the chase with respect to getting the right mix of technologies working to support your workflow and business processes. 

Our clientele ranges from small and medium sized business to large government agencies and private corporations. Our skill set covers many of the core technologies needed to run a modern online business including accounting systems, database management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, web services and social media. We take a holistic approach to reviewing your organization's specific needs and then surgically improve specific aspects of your business operations with new and improved IT integration services. 

Full-Nelson is well versed in mobile field computing and spatial data technologies too. We believe maps are, or can be, an integral part of an intelligent business operation.  We will often discuss and work with GPS location and navigation tools combined with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  to create interesting and powerful solutions for our customers. 

Our track record includes the spin-off of a number of commercially successful product lines and custom software products. We have helped other entrepreneurial companies implement rock solid technology platforms and we welcome new opportuntities that will leverage our skills and energy. 

For a more a more detailed description of some of the  products and services we work with and that are offered by Full-Nelson, LLC feel free to browse our website or to contact us directly.