Every business needs an accounting system, but not all accounting software is created equal. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to be resellers for and consultants with a number of accounting software platforms. At this stage of the game we’ve cut our recommendations down and don’t mean to imply that one solution fits all. We’re still able to provide guidance to companies looking for the right accounting system solution, however, when it comes time to working hands-on with configuration and setup, there’s only one package we are actively working with and supporting - Xero.

Xero is a cloud based, modern accounting software platform that allows you to run your business from anywhere. Isn’t it about time you were able to access your business finances anytime, from any Internet connected device - phone, tablet or computer? Xero helps you understand your real-time cash position so that you always know how you are doing financially with daily updates from your bank accounts and credit cards.

With Xero, you can collaborate with your accountant, bookeeper and internal team. You can invite advisors to collaborate with you on your business in real-time and give your staff access to the areas they need to get their job done.  With Xero you get paid faster and manage cash flow better. You can easily create and send invoices and manage online payments. With industry standard data encryption and two-factor authentication, your accounting data remains secure and protected.

Let Full-Nelson, LLC help you get started with implementing a Xero based accounting system today!


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