Airtable is part spreadsheet, part database, and is an entirely new and flexible way for teams to organize their work in the cloud.  Airtable has both native mobile and desktop apps that  make it easy to edit, comment, and collaborate in real time — changes are instantly synced across everyone’s devices. Airtable fields can handle any content you throw at them. Add attachments, long text notes, checkboxes, links to records in other tables—even barcodes. Whatever you need to stay organized.

With Airtable say goodbye to duplicate data entry. It only takes a few clicks to link records between tables creating smart relationships. Airtable works with the tools you already use. Connect to hundreds of your favorite apps and services, or access your content programmatically with their robust API. 

Here are some more examples of how to use  Airtable that also illustrate ways to embed your data directly in your own website.