Stacker allows you to quickly create apps you can use to share data with and interact with your customers, partners, students, staff or anyone else. Stacker interfaces directly with Airtable and Google Sheets data sets to offer up an easy environment for creating and publishing web portal style applications.

Stacker is an alternative to building apps. Instead of building an app by writing code, or using no-code app builders, Stacker provides a flexible app platform interfaces directly with either  Airtable or Google Sheets data sets that you are already managing and configuring.  Stacker utilizes that same data to  make it fit your exact requirements as a shared web based app. Stacker works on mobile, tablets and desktop too!

Stacker features:

  • Support for the data you already have in Airtable and Google sheets
  • Lists to display data
  • Forms to collect or edit data
  • User management, registration & login

Stacker Showcase by Sam Davyson, Air Portal Creator